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Glyph Technologies LLC, is a veteran owned, IT consulting company that specializes in information systems development, integration and support. Started by three prior US military service members, Glyph’s founders have extensive experience designing, integrating and fielding various technical innovations for both the private and public sector.

The backbone of our company is made up of industry professionals, federal contractors, prior military, security specialists, and engineers. This diversity grants us the advantage of being able to draw on distinctive perspectives for each situation. Cultivating a wide range of skills and occupational knowledge has also enabled us to function successfully in a variety of environments. Our personnel are not unfamiliar with working in inhospitable settings to get a job done, many having served overseas in military theaters of operation. However, we are also no stranger to the protocol of the boardroom or commercial programs.

As a partner with many of the industry leaders, Glyph’s staff possess many professional certifications, endorsing them as subject matter experts in information security, system and network administration and business continuity planning. No matter what the environment, you can count on Glyph Technologies to supply knowledgeable and practiced IT professionals.

Headquartering in Dallas, Texas, one of the major technological hubs in the United States, enables us the to remain current within the persistently evolving industry that is Information Technology.

Above all, we place importance on the quality of service provided to our clients. No matter how large or small the project, you can be confident that we will deliver an expert grade of service that will surpass expectations. Partnering with Glyph will ensure that you are associated with specialists that will prioritize your organizations business objectives as their own.

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